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This is a new release of the Shibboleth Authentication Provider that works for DotNetNuke versions 7.04.00 + ... It has been tested in DNN versions 07.00.06 and 07.00.04.

Note: The fix below for DNN 7.00.06 which corrects the problem adding new or existing modules, will prevent the Shibboleth handler from kicking in so it must be removed for the Shibboleth provider to work:


This is a new release of the Shibboleth Authentication Provider that works for DotNetNuke versions 6.2.0 forward. ... It has been tested in DNN version 7. This version has code changes for code that was deprecated in version 6.2. It also gives you the ability on the Settings page to change the expiration seconds on the Shibboleth cookie.


We have a new version of the Shibboleth Authentication Provider, version 01.00.07_Source that corrects a problem with saving bookmarks and provides the ability to expire cookies quickly.  It was tested both in DNN versions 05.05.01 and in version 6.01.04.  When upgrading your Shibboleth provider, if you uninstall a previous version, your Portal Settings will be saved in a table named PortalSettingsSave. Also, if you need the ability to expire cookies so that your user is logged out after a period of time has passed when they close their browser without clicking logout, you can change these entries in the web.config to cause cookies to expire more quickly:

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms name=".DOTNETNUKE" protection="All" timeout="2" cookieless="UseCookies" />

<add key="PersistentCookieTimeout" value="2" /> 

note: this sets the timeout to 2 minutes. 

Also, if you are uninstalling an older release of the provider and installing this new release, your uninstall will be easier if you do not check the box to delete files. If you do want to check the box to delete files when unistalling the older version,  be sure to first remove those changes that were made to the web.config (that you made when the Shibboleth Authentication Provider was previously installed) before doing the uninstall. Then you will need to redo the changes to the web.config again once the new release is installed.

Project Description
The Shibboleth Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke was created by Nick Dunham and Cheryl Bearden, at the University of Florida, Office of Research, with help in testing from UCLA, to fill a need for an Shibboleth authentication provider for DotNetNuke.

It works for multiple child and parent portals so that a single Shibboleth authentication will let you login to other DNN portals that are also Shibboleth enabled.  It has the capability to have Shibboleth roles automatically mapped to existing DNN roles and the role mappings can be entered into a Telerik RadGrid.  The user can also map Shibboleth header variables to DNN UserInfo fields. It also gives the user the ability to either login through Shibboleth or login through DNN. The ability to simulate a Shibboleth logon by pulling data from text files rather than from Shibboleth header variables is also provided so that the provider can be tested without using Shibboleth.

Installation instructions can be found under Documentation.


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